Colorida Art Gallery is located in Lisbon, Portugal and has been "living and breathing" art for over 9 years. The gallery organizes exhibitions of contemporary art in building more than 150 years old. Artworks are displayed at Colorida's magnificent space with good care and people are most welcome to spend some time in its wonderful and cheeful atmosphere.

"My work is effected by my own life story. All my works, are originals multi-layered acrylic on canvas, combining the practical world of industrial architecture recycled building materials such as paint, plaster, industrial color, glue, glass and more with symbols and concepts from the spiritual world.

Abstrct works, characterized by harmony of colors and shapes, are minimalist yet powerful. The works presents combined world of contrasts between time and place, past and present, material and spirit, moments of mercy and emotional range. A profound observation will reveal the layers of color, life, places, situations, emotions and experiences which join and complement each other."

Orna Adoram







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